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Sourdough starter now is hungry for a feed three times a day

Before:image after: image before:  image  After: image

Above are the befores, right after a feed, followed by the after photos, after the rise.  It’s been 10 or so days since I began this starter.  I learned through frustration that you can’t rush it.  At one point I thought maybe it needed a dash more liquid, and that seemed to help.  Then I learned that adding more liquid is only good for quicker rise but not for developing strength.  So I never added more than the 40g.

I also had the idea to see if leaving more starter in helped growth.  It seemed to, but, again, I only did that once.  Once I trusted that my flour and water was really turning into starter, I went right back to the basics.

An experiment I did yesterday was to keep the hungry discarded portion of starter in a separate weck jar.  When it was time to feed the real starter, it smelled like ripe fruit, not bad, not just like dough.  I took a whiff of the over hungry portion in its jar, and it smelled FOUL.  Alcoholish and really bad.  I tossed it, which was what I was going to do.  It hadn’t grown as much as the fed starter.

If I had all the bread making equipment, I think my starter would be ready.  It’s definitely hungry 3x in the 24.  The smell is never even slightly vinegary, though, so I think it’s ok to keep developing it for strength.