The oven with oven light on was too warm for the starter

When I took the starter in its jar out of the oven in the morning it was altogether too warm.  There had been no visible activity.  I fed it anyway.  The thrill is really gone from making starter.  I need a sign.  Here is the starter on day 5 I believe after feeding in the morning.


And here it is after seven hours on the counter.


It it shows very little change and smells like plain flour and water.

In my dough depression, enhanced by my kombucha two gallon jug springing a leak, I decided to try one thing I had read about online.  That at the very start, starts sometimes need a bit more water to grow the yeast.  I took my bottle of room temp spring water and drizzled a little in.  Didn’t measure it.  Stirred it up.  It was stirrable, not as stiff as before.


Went to bed with small hope.


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